Paint Brushes


Gillian Joseph

Living in Ontario is really a blessing for someone like me who loves to paint  – it is so beautiful here no matter what the season! Blue skies, the white and grey shadows of the snow, golden fields of summer and the burnt orange leaves of the fall – these are the colours I love to work with.   


I have painted with acrylic and oils for a number of years.  Some wonderful instructors have taught me a great deal, including the practical skills of using acrylic and oil paints taken at the Guelph School of Art, the techniques associated with realism style taught by New York artist Joseph Patric Daniels,  painting with bold colours with Canadian artist Charla Maarschalk and abstract painting techniques with Australian artist Richard Claremont.  I have learned from all of them how to make colour come alive on canvas, wood or paper, and how a simple, ordinary object or view can be transformed into a painting that tells a fascinating story.  However, as most artists would surely agree, we learn something new each time we pick up a brush and dip it into paint!

You may notice that the style of my painting varies.  I love the free expression of abstract painting, but equally I love the detail of a more realistic approach.  Whatever style emerges, I try to tell a story, mine or yours, in every painting.

My creative streak doesn’t stop at painting.  For years I have been designing and creating macrame pieces, custom clothing, unique jewelry and out-of-the-box crafts that can also be both decorative and functional.  Modern macrame is different to what was created in the 1970s.  Now I try to pay homage to more modern artistic expressions that come through my experiences with geneology, meditation and an exposure to multi-cultural spirituality.  This helps me, and hopefully others, to feel a sense of well-being when viewing my work through the incorporation of designs that reflect upon history and encourage mindfulness, a heightened awareness of natural surroundings and scents as well as an appreciation of cultural diversity. 


One of my popular craft pieces is a hand-made dahlia wreath that is made with re-cycled paper from battered books, outdated colourful magazines or old musical scores. It is wonderful to enjoy the beauty of a large dahlia flower all year long that has been designed as a wreath for your wall, door or fireplace and made from the browning paper of a great old story or an old fashioned tune that, at the same time, makes you feel good about recycling that which otherwise might have ended up in the landfill.  My vintage button jewelry is also an example of an out-of-the-box gift that is not only recycled, but also connects the past to the present.  Choosing the best and most beautiful vintage buttons from my grandmother’s button box (late 1800s to 1953), I create one-of-a-kind matching rings and earrings, celebrating fashion through the ages that encourages both the designer and the shopper together to think about geneology and how we share family memories and take them forward for others to enjoy.

As you can see, I love to paint and to create.  I hope that you can feel that joy as you navigate this site! 


    Art  and  Craft
      Guelph, Ontario